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The Legend of the Seven-Headed Snake

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Folklore from Bengkulu

THE people of Kutei Rukam Kingdom in Lebong, Bengkulu, were happy. The Crown Prince Gajah Meram would marry a princess from Suka Negeri Kingdom. King Bikau Bermano asked his people to prepare a great party.

One of the wedding procession was the bride and the bridegroom had to take a bath in the bath Lake. when they were swimming, suddenly the prince and the princess were gone. The soldier immediately jumped into the lake. But they could not find the prince and the princess. They were absolutely confused why the prince and the princess suddenly disappeared.

The king was sad. He asked all the soldiers to swim. But still the prince and the princess could not be found. Later an old holy man came to the king. He said that the prince and the princess were kidnapped by the seven-headed snake. He was the king of the snake and he had many snake soldiers. The only person that could help was a young man who had great skills in martial arts and supernatural power.

The young man he meant was the king's youngest son. His name was Prince Gajah Merik. He was also the student of the holy man. The king was very touched when the Prince Gajah Merik was willing to find his older brother and his brother's wife.

The holy man gave Prince Gajah Merik was not afraid of them. Instead, he fought them bravely. The snake soldiers could not fight him. Gajah Merik was so powerful. He could easily kill the snake soldiers.

And finally he was face-to-face with the snake king. He was a seven-headed snake. He was very angry!

"Hey, you human! Why did you kill all my soldiers?" asked the snake king.

"They tried to stop me. I want to free my older brother and his wife."

"I will free them. But you have to do two things. First you have to make my dead soldiers live again. And second, you have to beat me of course. Hahaha."

With his power, Gajah Merik touched the dead snakes. Amazingly, they lived again. Then, the prince and the snake king were fighting.

Unlike the snake soldiers, the snake king was very powerful. He almost killed Gajah Merik. Fortunately, Gajah Merik had better skills. And after fighting for seven days. Gajah Merik won the fight. The snake king asked Gajah Merik to forgive him and let him free. Gajah Merik felt sorry and he let the snake king and his soldiers go away.

Later, Gajah Merik brought Gajah Meram and his wife back to the palace. The king was very happy. He also planned to make Gajah Meram to be the new king. However, Gajah Meram refused it. He said Gajah Merik was better to be the next king. He was very courageous and powerful. He also had great heart. He was willing to sacrifice himself.

Gajah Merik agreed to be the next king. But he asked his father to let the snake king and his soldiers to be his soldiers. The king agreed. Since then, the snake king and his soldiers became the soldiers of Gajah Merik.

Until now, people in Lebong, Bengkulu, believe that there is a seven-headed snake who guards the Test lake. They do not dare to say bad words when crossing the lake. Otherwise, the seven-headed snake will be angry!***

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