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King Pejanggik

Raja Pejanggik | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore From West Nusa Tenggara

"HEY look! King Pejanggik is coming!" The people were immediately standing up.

They would welcome their beloved king, King Pejanggik. The king occasionally came and visited the people in the village. Yes, King Pejanggik was very much loved by his people. He was a wise king. And he always protected his people.

The king loved hunting. He always asked his loyal chief commander to join him. His name was Demung Batu Bangka. It was raining when the king and the chief were hunting. The rain was getting heavier. They were trying to find a good place from the rain.

"Sir, look! There is a house!" pointed Demung Batu Bangka.

They immediately knocked the door when they arrived. The beautiful girl opened the door and greeted them. The king was speechless. He was amazed by her beauty. The girl also felt the same thing. The king was very handsome. Apparently they fell in love at the first sight.

Who is it, dear?"

A man voice was heard from the inside of the house. He was the owner of the house. The beautiful girl was his daughter.

"Come in, Please."

The old man was happy he had guests. The king and the chief entered the house.  They asked the old man's permission to stay  his house. The old man welcomed them nicely. And he was very honored when he knew his guests were a king and a chief commander.

The king never met the old man. Later the king knew that the old man and his daughter were not humans. They were genies. However, the king had already fallen in love with the girl.

Although his mind kept telling him that the girl was a genie, his heart always ignored it. He had never been happy like this.

The king and his chief stayed for a couple of days. And the king finally expressed his feeling to the girl. He wanted to marry her!

The girl tried to remind the king that they were different, but the king had already made up his mind. The girl finally accepted the proposal. After all, she also fell in love with the king.

Later they got married. They were happy. They got happier when the girl was pregnant. And just before the baby was born, the king heard that his kingdom was in trouble. The kingdom was suffering from a long drought.

The king had been in the jungle since he met the girl and he had never returned to his kingdom. He asked permission to his wife to go back home. And before he left, he gave a ring to his wife. He wanted his child to wear his ring.

Then the baby was born. He was a boy. Unlike any other human baby, he was able to talk! Well, it was because he was not a pure human. His mother was a genie.

And when he was a teenager, her asked his mother about his father. The mother then told him about his father. The boy arrived at the palace. He told the guards that he wanted to meet the king. They let him enter. The king always welcomed everybody.

The king was surprised when the boy told him who he was. He was sure that the boy was his son because of the ring he was wearing.

The king once was praying. And he had a vision. His people would get enough water but in return he would vanish. The king knew he had to sacrifice himself. He was ready. The vision also told him that water would come out from a well. Unfortunately the well was blocked by a big stone.

No one was able to lift the stone. And when his son was coming, the king asked him to lift the stone.
And yes, his son was able to move the stone. Water was coming out from the well. Everybody was happy. Suddenly, the king disappeared. Everybody did not know where he was.

Until now, people believe that the water from the well is very useful. They believe that the water can heal any disease found in the rice fields.***

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