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Prince Lokan

Pangeran Lokan | Edisi Indoensia

Folklore from Riau

ONCE upon a time there was a kingdom in Bintan, Riau. The place was peaceful. The people lived happily and peacefully. They lived prosperously.

The king was wise and powerful. He had a beautiful wife. Though the people lived happily, the king and the queen did not. They did.not have any children. The king was worried that there would not be a new king after he died.

The king and the queen prayed days and nights. They asked God to give them a child.

After years they prayed, finally God answered their prayer. Yes, the queen was pregnant! Both the king and the queen were extremely happy. The people were also excited when they knew their beloved queen was pregnant.

However there was one person who was not happy. The person was the commander of the kingdom. He secretly wished that the king would never have a child. He even had a bad plan. He would take over the kingdom when the king was very old. The commander wanted to be a king and he could not do that if there was a prince.

When the commander knew that the queen was pregnant, he went to a witch. He asked the witch to do something bad.

It was time for the queen to deliver a baby. It was so surprising. The queen did not deliver a
baby. Instead she had a fish! Yes, it was a lokan fish! The commander was so happy. His wish
came true. The witch did something terribly bad to the baby. She had previously told the commander that the fish had to be killed soon. Otherwise, the fish would change back as a human.
when the fish was 17 years old.

When the king saw the fish, he was so confused. The commander made good use of the condition. He told the king that it was a bad sign for the kingdom. He told the king that the fish had to be killed, otherwise something terribly bad would happen.

Sadly, the king listened to the commander very well. He asked his soldier to kill the fish. He also asked his soldier to take the queen to the jungle.

Then the soldier brought the fish and the queen to the jungle. When they arrived, the queen begged the soldier not to kill the fish. After all, the fish was her child. The soldier felt so sorry to the queen. He did not have the heart to see her very sad. So he built a small pond for the fish.

The queen was so happy. Every day she took care of the fish.

When she wanted to feed the fish, she just said, "Lokan, here is your food."

Then the fish approached her and ate the food. Yes, she named the fish Lokan. The queen really loved the fish. She always talked to the fish and always told him that she was his mother.

Surprisingly, the fish always moved his body as if he understood what the queen said.

Years passed by and the fish was 17 years old. The fish slowly changed into a handsome young man. Later he knocked the door.

"Who are you, Young Man?" asked the queen.

"Mother, it's me Lokan. I'm your son."

"You are Lokan?" asked the queen surprisedly.

"I don't understand."

"Neither do I, Mother. I don't understand why I can change into a man."

Lokan tried very hard to convince her that he was really her son. Finally the queen believed it.

The queen asked her son to go to the palace to meet his father. However, something bad happened to the king. The commander put him in the jail and he became the king.

Prince Lokan was angry when he knew that his father was in jail. He freed his father, but the soldiers tried to stop him. Prince Lokan did not give up. He was fighting them. And he won! Not long after that the commander came. When he knew that Prince Lokan was the son of the king, he ran away. He remembered the witch's message. When the fish changed back as a mar\he would be a very powerful man. No one could beat him! That was why he ran away.

The king was so happy when the queen told him that Prince Lokan was their son. He felt so guilty. He apologized to the queen and to the prince. The king felt so old and weak. Later he asked his prince to be the new king. The prince accepted his father's request. Since then the family and the kingdom lived happily. ***

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