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The Legend of Commander Angin

Legenda Komandan Angin >> Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Bangka Belitung

ONCE upon a time, there lived a thief. His name was Abang Daud. Nobody dared to catch him. People said he was so great in martial arts. With his skills, he could defeat his victims and steal their things.

One day, Abang Daud was ready to steal. He went to a house. He did not know the owner of the house. He silently opened the window. Suddenly, he heard a man's voice. Abang Daud still continued to open the door. What he heard was an old man's voice. He was not afraid at all. The window was opened and he entered the house. Surprisingly, an old man was standing in front of him. He was angry to see Abang Daud entering his house without his permission. Without asking any further, he attacked Abang Daud. Well, Abang Daud just smiled when he saw the old man was trying to attack him. He underestimated the old man.

He was wrong! The old man had better martial arts than he did. In just a minute, the old man cornered Abang Daud. He gave up! Abang Daud lost the fight. Then the old man asked him to leave the house.

Well, who was that old man? His name was Apek Long Guan. He had a martial arts school. Yes, he was a teacher of martial arts. No wonder he was so skillful.

Abang Daud was so amazed with Apek Long Guan skills. He wanted to be his student. Well, Apek Long Guan refused him. He knew that Abang Daud was a thief and he did not want him to misuse the skills. Abang Daud did not give up. Every day he went to Apek Long Guan's house. He begged and said that he already realized his mistake. He did not want to be a thief anymore. Abang Daud also helped Apek long Guanto do anything. Yes, Abang Daud tried to persuade Apek Long Guari. Slowly, Apek Long Guan felt sorry to him. He finally let Abang Daud to be his student.

Abang Daud was so happy. He trained every day. He was a smart student. He leainedall the skills easily. He wanted Apek Long Guan to teach him all the skills. Therefore he always obeyed his teacher.

Apek Long Guan was so happy to see his student's progress. He happily taught him all the skills
he had. After Alang Daud mastered all the skills, he asked his teacher's permission to leave. He wanted to go to another kingdom to continue his life. His teacher let him go.

Abang Daud went on a cruise. He arrived in one kingdom. He stayed at a man's house. He advised Abang Daud to obey the rule. He said that when a rooster crowed, no one was allowed to reply it. Otherwise the person had to fight against the commander. Abang Daud thought that the rule was strange. When he heard a rooster crowed, he intentionally replied it. He imitated the sound of a rooster crowing. Unfortunately one soldier heard him. He brought Abang Daud
to the palace.

The king was angry when he knew someone broke the rule. He did not care when Abang Daud said that he was a sergeant. The king said that the rule applied to everybody.

Abang Daud had to face the punishment. He had to fight against the commander. Abang Daud was not scared at all. He fought bravely. With his skills, he defeated the commander easily.

The king was so impressed. He asked Abang Daud to be the new commander. He accepted it happily. The king gave him a new name, it was Commander Angin.

Commander Angin was so powerful. He had a big ship and lots of soldiers. Sadly, his bad habit suddenly came again. He attacked other ships in the sea and stole the things in the ships. The king could not do anything because no one could defeat the commander.

The king heard about Apek Long Guan. He asked Apek Long Guan to help him. Apek Long Guan agreed to help. He was so disappointed to see his students behavior.

Apek Long Guan knew the commander's weakness. He asked the king to give him a big ship. He hoped the commander would rob him in the sea. And it worked! Commander Angin saw a big ship. He hoped there were lots of jewelries in the ship. He asked his soldiers to attack.

The commander was surprised when he saw his teacher in the ship. They fought! Apek Long Guan pushed the commander to the sea. He could not swim! In just a minute, the commander was drowned and later he died.

The king was happy. He gave Apek Long Guan lots of gifts. Since then the kingdom was safe and the people lived happily. ***

Traditional Bangka Belitung


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