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Folktale from Central Sulawesi

BULILI was a village in Central Sulawesi. The people lived happily and peacefully. The village had three guardians and they were called Tadulako. They were Tadulako Bantaili, Makeku, and Molove.

They were very strong and had great skill in martial arts. They were also skillful with weapons. They were brave and loyal. The people loved them very much. Thanks to them, their village was always safe.

There was a very beautiful girl in Bulili. Some people said that she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Wherever she went, men were always staring at her. They were amazed with her beauty. And they would be very happy when the girl smiled at them.

King Sigi had heard about the beautiful girl living in Bulili. He was single and wanted to marry. He wanted to have a queen and later had children. He hoped his child one day could replace him as a king. But first he had to find a perfect woman to marry.

King Sigi was curious with the beautiful girl in Bulili. He went to Bulili and wanted to see her.

"Your Majesty, welcome to our village," said the head of the Bulili village.

"Thank you. I'm here because I heard there is a beautiful girl here. May I see her?"

And after the king saw the girl, he was extremely happy. She was very beautiful. He was in love with her. And he thought that she would be a perfect queen for him.

The king did not want to waste time. He asked the girl to marry him. The girl agreed. And the wedding was immediately set.

After they got married, the king and the girl lived in Bulili. At first they lived happily. However slowly, they started to have arguments. They always quarreled about small things. And that made the king unhappy. He wanted to go back to his kingdom. He told his wife that he had to take care of his kingdom. Then he left. He did not know that when he left, his wife was Pregnant.

And nine months after the king left the village his baby was born. The head of the village asked Tadulako Bantaili and Tadulako Makeku to go to the palace. Meanwhile, Tadulako Molove stayed at the village.

The head of the village asked Tadulako Bantaili and Tadulako Makeku to go to the palace to see the king. First they had to tell him that his baby was born and second they asked the king to give some rice for the baby.

"Really? I have a son?" said the king when Tadulako Bantaili told him about his baby.

The king did not like the news. Apparently he did not love his wife anymore and wanted to leave her forever.

"No! I will not give you any rice!" replied the king when Tadulako Makeku asked him to give some rice for the baby.

"Forgive us, Your Majesty. You give us no other choice. We will take the rice with or without your permission," said Tadulako Bantaili.

Tadulako Bantaili and Tadulako Makeku left the palace and went to the rice barn. with their power, they lifted the rice barn easily and brought it to the Bulili village.

The king was angry! He asked his soldiers to chase them and bring the rice barn back.

The Tadulako ran very fast and when they arrived at the river, they jumped and landed at the other side of the river easily.

The soldiers could not do anything. They did not have any power to jump across the river. And they went back to Sigi disappointingly. ***


Nokilalaki Mountain. Central Sulawesi

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