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Aji Saka

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Folklore from Central Java

A long time ago there was a kingdom. Its name was Medang Kamulan. The people in the kingdom were very scared. They wanted to leave the kingdom. It all happened because the king was a beast. His name was Prabu Dewata Cengkar and he ate humans! Every day Patih Jugul Muda always provided some humans to be eaten by the king!

Not far from the kingdom, there was Medang Kawit village. A young man with a great supernatural power lived there. His name was Aji Saka. Everybody liked him because Aji Saka was nice, diligent, and kind hearted.

One day, Aji Saka saw an old man was wounded. Some thieves just hit him and stole his money. The old man was the villager in the Medang Kamulan kingdom. He told what happened in his kingdom to Aji Saka. Aji Saka was very angry. He decided to go to Medang Kamulan to give Prabu Dewata Cengkar a lesson.

The king had to stop his bad behavior, eating humans. Aji Saka then went to the kingdom. He was wearing his magic turban. When he arrived in the kingdom, the king was angry to Patih Jugul Muda. He was not able to give the king some humans. All the villagers already saved themselves by leaving the kingdom.

“Who are you, young man? Ha...ha...ha.... I’m glad you are here. I'm starving,” said the king.

He was so happy to see Aji Saka. He thought Aji Saka was there to be eaten by him.

“I would gladly let you eat me. But I have one request. You give me your land with the size of my turban,” said Aji Saka.

He then took off his turban and threw it on the ground. The king and Aji Saka then measured the size of the turban.

Suddenly the turban grew bigger and bigger. It finally covered the whole kingdom. The king was totally angry. He knew Aji Saka was planning to take over his kingdom.

He then attacked Aji Saka. With his supernatural turban, Aji Saka twisted the king’s body and threw him into the ocean. The king never returned to the kingdom. Aji Saka then asked the villagers to come back. They all were very happy. They also asked Aji Saka to be their king.

Aji Saka then ruled the kingdom wisely. He led Medang Kamulan kingdom into its golden moment. The people lived happily and peacefully. ***

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