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Dae La Minga

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Folklore from West Nusa Tenggara

THERE was a very beautiful princess in Sanggar Kingdom. Her name was Dae La Minga. The king and the queen loved her very much. The people also really loved her. Dae La Minga not only a beautiful princess, but also a very kind girl. She liked to help other people.

Dae La Minga was very popular. Her beauty was spread all over the places. many men fell in love with her. Many of them were princes from other kingdoms. One by one, the princes came to Sanggar Kingdom.

Dae La Minga was kind to everyone. And that included to the princes. She was very polite and treated them nicely.

All the princes thought that they had a channce to be her husband. They all thought the princess loved them. Therefore they started to compare to one another.
"Hey, you'd better leave this kingdom now. Dae La Minga only loves me. She was very kind to me," said one prince.

"No way! She only loves me," said another prince.

However, other princes also argued that they had the best chance to marry Dae La Minga. Then the fight was unstoppable.

Since they were princes, they had soldiers. The little fight start to become worse. It started the war!

The king of Sanggar Kingdom really worried with the condition. He did not want to see the war in his kingdom. He was really concerned with his people. He knew he had to do something to solve the problem. He asked all his adviser to give him solution.

The king and the adviser knew that Dae La Minga could not choose one of the princes. Other princes could be jealous and it would started the war. Therefore they decided to ask the princess to leave the kingdom.

"My Dear Daughter, I know this is very difficult for you. This is also very difficult for me and your mother," said the king.

He continued, "We hope you understand. If you don't leave the kingdom, there will be war. Our people will suffer."

Dae La Minga was very sad. However she completely understood with the situation. She really loved her people. She did not want the people to suffer because of her.

"Where should I go, Father?" asked Dae La Minga.

"The advisor told me to put you in a place that all the princes cannot see you. The place is very far and very high. It is in the Tambora Mountain," said the king.

The king then told his people that the princess would leave the kingdom in order to avoid the war. The people were very sad. Most of them cried. They really did not want to lose her. But they knew war would happen if she still stayed in the kingdom.

Then it was time for her to leave the kingdom. Some soldiers accompanied her. They would guard her to go to Tambora Mountain.

Until now some people still believe that Dae La Minga spiritually still lives in Tambora Mountain. She often shows herself in certain occasion. Not everybody can see her, only the lucky people can see her. ***

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