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Prince Pande Gelang and Princess Cadasari

Princess Cadasari: Kindness and Sincerity Will Always Triumph Over Evil

Pangeran Pande Gelang dan Putri Cadasari >> Edisi Indonesia

Folklore From Baten

ONCE upon a time there was a kingdom of Banten. The king had a beautiful daughter. her name was Princess Cadasari. She was very beautiful and kind to people.

However, she was very sad lately. A prince from another kingdom came and planned to marry her. His name was prince Cunihin. People did not like him. he was arrogant and mean to people. He had supernatural power. Prince Cunihin talked to the king about the marriage. The king accepted the proposal. He was afraid that Prince Cunihin would attack the kingdom if the proposal was refused.

The marriage was set. Princess Cadasari was sad. She did not have any choice. She prayed to god. And in one night she had a dream. She was in the park and a handsome man would help her.

On the following day, Princess Cadasari went to the park and waited the handsome man. While she was there suddenly an old man came to her.

"What's the matter Princess? You look very sad," asked the old man.

"I have a great problem. And I'm waiting for someone to help me."

"Maybe I can help you."

The princess was hesitant. In a dream, a handsome man would help her, but then it was an old man who offered to help her. She decided to talk about the problem to him. His name was Pande Gelang. Pande means maker and gelang means a bracelet. He made bracelets to make a living.

"Don't worry princess, I can help you. Just tell prince Cunihin to find a big stone and just ask him to make a big hole in the stone. I will put my giant bracelet inside the stone, after that ask him to go through the bracelet. He will lose his supernatural power then"

Princess Cadasari did it. She asked Prince Cunihin to find a big stone. And make a big hole in it. Prince Cunihin did not have any problem to make the hole. And after he did it, he put the stone in the park. It was the place where the wedding party would be held. And secretly, Pande Gelang put the giant bracelet inside the stone.

On the wedding day, people were gathered in the park. Before the ceremony was started, Princess Cadasari asked Prince Cunihin to go through the stone. Although he did not understand, Prince Cunihin still did the request.

Prince Cunihin was ready to go through the stone and the princess was waiting on the other side. And when he walked through the stone, Prince Cunihin screamed in pain. He was screaming and finally falling down on the ground. And when he got up, he saw Pande Gelang in front of him.

"You did this to me..." said Prince Cunihin.

Amazingly, Prince Cunihin slowly changed into an old man and Pande Gelang changed into a handsome man.

Pande Gelang then explained to princess Cadasari. He was a prince. Previously, Prince Pande Gelang and Prince Cunihin were best friend. They both were students from a great teacher. But after they finished the lesson, Prince Cunihin killed the teacher and stole Prince Pande Gelang's power. He would get his power back if Prince Cunihin would go through his bracelet.

Princess Cadasari was very happy. She then remembered her dream. It was true that a handsome man would help her. Since then, Prince Pande Gelang stayed in the palace. He helped the kingdom from bad people. Later Prince Pande Gelang and Princess Cadasari got married. The people were very happy. They were very grateful. They also named the palace as Pande Gelang. It is known now as Pandeglang.***

Moral Message

The moral of this story is that kindness and sincerity will always receive help, even from unexpected sources. Additionally, justice will always triumph over evil, as shown by the downfall of the wicked Prince Cunihin and the justice given to Prince Pande Gelang. Through Princess Cadasari's bravery in seeking help and Pande Gelang's honesty, the truth is eventually revealed, and evil is punished. This teaches us not to give up easily in the face of problems and to always believe that goodness will be rewarded.

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