The Legend of Gunung Bagus

A long time ago the king of Mataram kingdom was Gusti Sultan Agung. At the time Mataram had small area called Rangga. One of the areas was Blimbing and the head was called Rangga Blimbing.

All areas in the Mataram Kingdom had to provide tributes to the king. Rangga Blimbing often asked his son, Jaya Ketok, to accompany him when providing the tributes.

Jaya Ketok was happy when he could join his father to the palace because he could meet the beautiful daughter of Gusti Sultan Agung. Her name was Gusti Rara Pembayun.

Jaya Ketok was a handsome man. Gusti Rara Pembayun fell in love with him. However, they could not tell Gusti Sultan Agung about their relationship. He did not bless their relationship and asked them to end it. Gusti Sultan Agung also asked Rangga Blimbing to advise his son not to continue their relationship.

The couple still continued to meet secretly. Sadly Gusti Sultan Agung finally found out their forbidden relationship. He was angry. He asked his soldiers to attack Blimbing.

Mataram soldiers could not beat Blimbing soldiers. Before they lost the war, Gusti Sultan Agung asked the Netherlands to help him. They agreed but Gusti Rara had to marry the chief of Netherlands soldiers.

Mataram won the war, and ]aya Ketok was killed. Gusti Rara was very sad. She did not know that her father had already arranged her marriage. She refused it! The Chief of Netherlands soldiers were angry. They attacked Mataram.

Gusti Sultan Agung saved their families in Kedunglumbu Village. There was a very beautiful girl in the village. Gusti Sultan Agung fell in love with her and made her as a concubine. Not long after that the concubine was pregnant. Gusti Sultan Agung's wife, the queen was also pregnant. They both delivered the babies almost at the same time.

Both the queen and the concubine delivered baby boys. The queen's son was named Jaka Trenggana while the concubine's son was named Jaka Bagus. Gusti Sultan Agung loved them and he did not treat them differently. Later ]aka Trenggana and Jaka Bagus grew up as good men. And they always helped each other.

One day Jaka Bagus suffered a strange illness. Gusti Sultan Agung was sad. He asked healers from many places but no one could cure him. Gusti Sultan Agung was helpless. And before he lost his hope, he heard that there was a great healer lived in Giring Village near Kidul Mountain.

The healer's name was Ki Ageng Wonoboyo. Gusti Sultan Agung brought Jaka Bagus to Giring Village and he asked Ki Ageng Wonoboyo to cure him. Ki Ageng Wonoboyo said that he would do his best to cure Jaka Bagus. But he could not promise much. He told Gusti Sultan Agung that Jaka Bagus was in a very critical condition.

Gusti Sultan Agung understood. He told Ki Ageng Wonoboyo that if Jaka Bagus died, he asked Ki Ageng to bury Jaka Bagus body in the highest hill in the area. Then Gusti Sultan Agung left and went back home.

Not long after that Jaka Bagus died. Ki Ageng did the instruction. He buried Jaka Bagus' body in the highest hill. Since then people named the hill as Gunung Bagus which means Bagus Mountain.***

Nglanggeran Mountain, Yogyakarta

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