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Folklore from Papua

THE people in Papua hold a ceremony of worshiping a magic stone. The ceremony has been a tradition for many generations. Here is the story.

A long time ago in a village in North Yapen, Papua, there lived a husband and wife named Irimiami and Isoray. Irimiami was a hunter. One day Irimiami just finished hunting. It was not a good day for him. He could not catch any animals. Irimiami was tired. He wanted to take a rest. He was looking for a good place to rest. And... Aha! He found a big stone.

Irimiami was happy. He immediately climbed the big stone and sat down on it. At first, he was enjoying the time. He was resting comfortably. However, slowly he felt the stone was hot. It was getting hotter and he felt the stone was burning his body.

Irimiami thought his body was not feeling well. He did not think anything strange about the stone. Later he went home. On the following day, he went back hunting. This time he was lucky. He caught a deer. On the way back home, he passed by the big stone again. He climbed the stone. He sat down on the stone and he put the deer next to him.

Irimiami was really enjoying sitting down on the big stone. The wind blew and it made him sleepy. However, he felt the stone was very hot. He remembered the last time he was sitting down on the big stone. He also felt the stone was burning his body.

Irimiami was very sure that there was nothing wrong with his body. He was healthy enough. He decided to wait and hold the hot. After a while, he could not hold it anymore. It was very hot! Irimiami was very sure that the stone was burning his body. He could not take it anymore. He jumped off the stone. He left the deer still on the stone.

From the ground, he saw something strange. The deer was burned. And later the burning finally stopped. Irimiami climbed the stone and brought the deer down. He touched the deer's body, and ate the meat.

It was really delicious! Irimiami never tasted delicious meat like this. He brought the deer home and asked his wife to eat the meat. Isoray was also surprised! She also enjoyed eating the delicious meat.

"Wow...this is so delicious. What did you do with this rneat my husband?"

"I don't know what happened. I was sitting on the big stone and I felt very hot. What happened next, I jumped off the stone and left the deer on the big stone. When I took the deer, it was already like this," explained Irimiami.

"Please take me to the stone tomorrow I want to see its magic," asked Isoray.

On the following day, Irimiami and Isoray went to the big stone. Irimiami helped Isoray climb the big stone. They both sat down. Slowly, they felt very hot. The stone was burning them.

Irimiami and Isoray could not hold the pain. They climbed down. Isoray was very curious. She took some leaves. She put them on the stone. Slowly, the stone was burning the leaves. The leaves were burned. They saw smoke coming out of the leaves. And later they saw something that they had never seen before. They saw fire!

Irimiami and Isoray were very scared. They had never seen fire in their entire lives. And when the leaves were completely burned, the fire stopped. The couple told other people about the stone.

The villagers were curious. They wanted to eat the delicious meat. They put a dead deer on the stone. And after it was burned, they ate it. It was so delicious. All the villagers were happy. They were very grateful to gods to give them a magic stone. They held a ceremony.

The ceremony lasted for many days. They worshiped the stone. They were thankful to gods. And they were also thankful to Irimiami and Isoray. Thanks to them, the people knew about fire.

The people in Papua believe that Irimiami and Isoray were the first persons that found fire. And until now they still hold the ceremony.***

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