Two Sisters and A Kekekow Bird

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Folklore from North Sulawesi

THERE was a poor old woman living in the jungle. She lived with her two daughters. Her husband had died.

The family was so poor. They could not eat regularly. They often spent the nights with empty stomach. Though their lives were miserable, they never complained.

The old woman was so grateful with her two daughters. They were helpful and got along very well. The two sisters never fought and always helped each other.

The two sisters were looking for some fruits to eat. They had been searching since morning unfortunately they were not lucky. They could not find any single fruit to eat.

They were resting under a big mango tree. They were so tired and hungry. They felt so weak. They had not eaten anything since last night.

"I'm so hungry" said the younger sister.

"Me too... Who can give us something to eat here?" replied the older sister.

Suddenly, a bunch of bananas were dropped from the top of the tree.

"Hey! It's bananas! But why are there bananas here? We are sitting under a mango tree? Who dropped these bananas?" said the older sister.

While the two sisters were wondering about the bananas, they heard a bird singing.

"Kekekow.... Kekekow....Kekekow" sang the bird.

"Look! It's a Kekekow Bird!" pointed the older sister.

Yes! There was a Kekekow Bird. People named it Kekekow Bird because it always sang.

"Kekekow... Kekekow..."

The two sisters immediately ate the bananas. While they enjoyed eating thebananas, the bird again.dropped other fruits. The two sisters were screaming happily. They immediately brought the fruits home.

On the following day, the two sisters went back to the mango tree. They hoped they could see the Kekekow Bird again. They wanted to say thank you.

The two sisters were sitting under the mango tree. They heard the Kekekow Bird singing. The two sisters immediately stood up and looked up to the sky, looked for the bird;

"Look! That's the bird! Hey... Kekekow Bird! We're here!" said the younger sister.

The Kekekow Bird perched on the branch on the mango tree and began singing melodiously.

"Kekekow Bird, we want to thank you because yesterday you gave us lots of fruits. Well, we are poor and we don't have any money to buy food. So, when you gave us fruits yesterday, we were so happy," said the older sister.

Suddenly, the Kekekow Bird dropped them lots of money. The two sisters could not believe what they saw. They collected the money. After saying thank you, they went home.

They were not poor anymore. They were rich! People were so curious. They asked how the two sisters got the money. well, the two sisters were honest girls. They told them that they got the money from the Kekekow Bird.

People came to the mango tree. They all asked for lots of money. Though they were not poor, they still asked for lots of money. They were so greedy!

The Kekekow Bird did not drop them money. Instead, the bird dropped them grass! People were so angry! They thought the bird was making fun of them. They caught the bird and killed it.

The two sisters were so sad. They buried the bird properly. To show gratitude, the two sisters always help poor people. ***

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