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Double Headed Bird

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Mendut Fable from Central Java

At the Borobudur temple complex in Central Java, there are a number of temples. One of the temple named Mendut. In this temple there is a relief depicting a two-headed bird. The head of the upper head eats a ripe fruit, while the lower head looks limp.

This relief taken from a fable (story of animals) that describes the message about the gap and disregard of the "top" group towards the "bottom." Although the story told by animals characters, it represents the message for humanity.

It Narrated a bird with a body, a pair of wings, a pair of legs and have two heads. The upper head, because of its position, could eat fresh, ripe and delicious fruits every day. And lower head just eat the remains of the fallen from the beak of the upper head. If not, it will take what its found.

The lower head told that it also wanted to had the opportunity to get a good meal, and asked the upper head to share. The protest by the lower head had been ignored, and upper head continued to make fun with the food.

"You don't need to protest. Isn't that the fruit that I eat is also fill in the same stomach?" said the upper head.

The lower head was desperate and took what it found. Until one day, it ate a poisonous mushroom and died. So, in the end the two-headed bird died.

MORAL MESSAGE : This story illustrated the social life of human beings that portrait the gap and the attitude that unwilling to share although living in "one body" in a society. The message conveyed that if the "upper head" ignored "lower head", then we would be symbolized as two-headed bird that die together.

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