Heron, Fish and Crab

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Mendut Fable from Central Java (The story originally from India)

Long ago, there were a crab and a group of fish lived in a small pond.

In a dry season, the water was shrinking and the condition of the water animals in the pool was quite alarming.

Meanwhile, a heron stalked and had an evil mind to make all the inhabitants of the pool as meals.

Later the heron rested at the edge of the pond and sat with hopeless expression.

The fish asks the Heron, "Sir, what are you thinking about?"

The Heron replied, "I'm thinking of your life. The drought is so bad. Less water may cause less food for you. I'm afraid this pond will dry in a few days and you will die of the drought."

The fish asked, "What should we do, Sir?"

The Heron replied, "If you trust me, I'll take all of you one by one to a big lake behind the forest. The pond filled with lotus that will guarantee your life."

The fish said, "Mr. Heron, since the begining of life, there is no story about any heron think of the fish welfare. Frankly, we fear every one of us will become a meal, said the fish."

The Heron said slowly. I do not lie. Please choose one representative of you to see the lake that I told you. "

The fish then choose a big fish as a representative. The heron brought him to the above the lake and then took it back to the pond.

The fish finally believed and obeyed the stork to brought them one by one into the lake.

 Actually, the heron dropped the fish one by one  on a tree across the lake. The heron eat them one by one. The fish became scattered bones under the tree.

Finally, the heron ate all the fish in the pond. Remaining a crab in a pool. The heron also wanted to eat the crab.

The Stork said, "Don't you want to follow the fish move into the lake?"

The Crab said, "I would rather live in this pond alone."

Because of the heron continued to seduce the crab, eventually the crab said, "I can hold myself stronger, Sir. So please let me hold  your neck while flying toward the lake."

The heron flying over the lake, but then towards the tree across the lake.

The Crab asked, "Why do you take me away from the lake?"

The Stork said, "Stupid crab, I'm not your slave, why should I take you there. Look, under the tree there are scattered fish bones. You will soon become my meal."

The Crab said, "The deceiver has deceived. That's your fate, Sir. Try feeling a little, I began to pinch the neck sir."

The Stork was fear because its neck started hardly to breath.

The Crab said, "Now you are stupid, Mr. Heron. Take me to the lake so I could plunge and you will free!"

The heron obeyed the order to save its life.

When arriving at the edge of the lake neck Stork cut the crab neck and died instantly. The crab was soon into the lake.

MORAL MESSAGE: The deceiver will receive the consequences in the future.


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