Cat and Mouse

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Mendut Fable from Central Java (The story originally from India)

Long ago, a monk was annoyed by the mice food stealing. He maintained a cat to chasing away and even catch the mice.

The mice felt threatened by the critical food shortages because when the mice go out, they will surely captured and eaten by the cat.

One day, a young mouse volunteered to go out looking for food.

But the elder mouse forbade and said, "Are you tired of life? Even the bigger and more agile mouse than you had been caught."

"Give me a chance. Even wait or go out have the same risk, starve to death or die after being caught," said the young mouse.

Finally the young mouse went out and brought a little bell and met the cat.

"You are indeed a poor mouse that give your own life to me," said the cat.

"Yes, Your Majesty. But before you eat me, do you think that you are being enslaved by the monk?" said the young mouse.

"What do you mean?" said the cat curious.

"Since you came, please take a look at the monk. Now he is so lazy, while you should keep an eye on us day and night."

"That's right," said the Cat

"I am here just wanted to give a little souvenir from the god for the monk, but I felt he was not fit to wear it, so I wanted to give this god's bell for you," said the young rat.

"Well, since you are so appreciated me, I will give you a chance to life this time. Now go!" said the cat.

Due to the ignorance of the cat, the mice could easily detected the presence of the cat that always carried a small bell around its neck.

MORAL MESSAGE: Despite the great strength and power, the fools would certainly be defeated by ingenuity. Arrogance will be easily broken by humility.

Cat and Mouse


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