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Geese and Turtle

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Mendut Fable from Central Java (The story originally from India)

A turtle and two geese lived in a small pond. They were friends. Because of the seasons change, the water in the pond sometimes shrank. Other times, the the pond filled with water. When the pond full of water, they enjoyed themselves. But when the water shrank, they suffered. They were even anxious if the pond dried.

Both geese said that they were bored to feel joy and sorrow from time to time. Both geese just heard a good news. A bird said that there is a pond at the peak of the mountain.

"Pond of Happiness" with endlessly spring. Both geese wanted to fly toward "Pond of Happiness" that can make them happy forever. The turtle interested of geese willing and intend to follow. They flew to find a way. The Tortoise had an idea. Both geese agreed.

They advised the tortoise to always be watchful of the danger. Both geese grabbed a piece of wood at the ends, and the Turtle bite at the middle.

Before flying they said to the turtles to focus on biting the wood and not to talk along the way.

At the top of the field a couple of wolves said, "It's not a turtle biting the wood but a buffalo dung for the gosling."

Above the village, the children amazed saw a turtle bite the wood carried by the geese.

The children waved their arms and shouted, "Look! How happy the Turtle is. A very rare opportunity to fly."

At the palace garden, the princess surprised. They wanted to know how the Turtle got a chance to did that.

The Turtle tried to explain it. Unfortunately, it lost the bite and fell to the ground. His body split in two.

The king came with his advisor. The advisor explained why the Turtle fell at the palace. The habit of talking too much caused careless and disaster. The King realized that the advisor had long been advised him to talk less. There is a time to speak and a time to be silent. During that time, the King had always dominated the conversation with the ministers. The Turtle's fate made him understand his mistake.

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