The Legend of Sawah Lunto

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Folklore from West Sumatra

ONCE upon a time in Lunto, West Sumatra, there was a kingdom. It was Sitambago Kingdom. The people lived happily. Their land was fertile. And the weather was always great. And that made people from other kingdoms become jealous.

King Sitambago knew that he had to protect his kingdom. He asked all the men in his kingdom to join as soldiers. And the king prepared them to be strong soldiers.

They trained every day, days and nights. They trained a lot of skills, martial arts, and also how to use weapons. They had to be ready to fight when other kingdoms attacked them. And what King Sitambago feared finally came true. One of his soldiers told him that the soldiers of Silungkang Kingdom were going to attack them.

"Your Majesty, I saw that the King of Silungkang is preparing his soldiers," explained his soldier.

"Are you sure?" asked the King.

"Yes, Your Majesty. I also heard that they will attack us soon."

"Hmm... I know sooner or later we will have to fight. Now, I want all soldiers to be ready. They can attack us at any time," said the King.

The King of Silungkang wanted to expand his kingdom. And he was really interested in Sitambago's kingdom. He had heard that the kingdom was so fertile. He hoped by conquering the kingdom he would be very rich! Silungkang was a big kingdom. It had a lot of soldiers, and they were very brave and strong. The King was greedy. He never felt enough or satisfied.

The King of Silungkang kingdom prepared the attack. And he gave his soldiers deadly weapons. The King could not wait any longer! Early in the morning they attacked Sitambago's Kingdom.

The soldiers of Sitambago's Kingdom were ready. The King led his soldiers bravely. And that made the soldiers also fearless. They fought bravely! The King of Silungkang was shocked. He thought Sitambago's Kingdom did not have many soldiers. And he also thought that the soldiers were coward! Well... he was wrong!

The King of Silungkang then ordered his soldiers to retreat. He was planning another attack. They would attack Sitambago's Kingdom from many gates. Moreover, he asked his soldiers to use their deadly weapons.

On the following day, again the soldiers of Silungkang Kingdom attacked Sitambago. It was a terrible war. And that made many soldiers died. They had been in war for many days but still no sign that the war would be over.

"C'mon! don't give up! We have to defend our kingdom!" said the King of Sitambago.

The soldiers heard their King. And that motivated them to fight. Meanwhile the King of Silungkang also ordered his soldiers not to give up!

"It's time to use our deadly weapons! Use now!" said the King.

Then the soldiers of Silungkang used the deadly weapons. In just a minute, soldiers of Sitambago were killed. The King did not give up. Sadly, he was also killed.

Silungkarrg's Kingdom won the war. However, they lost a lot of soldiers. The war had made them suffer. And the kingdom was in a big mess. Later they went back to their kingdom.

After the war, the people of Sitambago tried to rebuild their place. They made a living by farming. They made a lot of rice fields. And because their kingdom is in Lunto, their place is then known as Sawah Lunto. Sawah means rice fields. ***

Sawahlunto Old City

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