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Folklore from Gorontalo

JILUMOTO was a god. He lived on earth. One day, when he was travelling he saw some goddesses taking a bath in a lake. He stopped and peeped them.

Jilumoto was amazed by their beauty. He stole one of the goddesses' wing. When they finished taking a bath, they prepared to go back to heaven. However, one goddess could not fly, she lost her wing.

"Oh no! Where's my wing?"

"I'm so sorry, Sister. I could not accompany here. We must go back to heaven."

"I know... I understand that you have to go back to heaven. Please pray for me."

The rest of the goddesses flew back to heaven. Jilumoto approached the goddess who still stayed in the lake.

"What's your name? Why are you crying? How can I help you?" asked Jilumoto.

"My name is Mbu'i Bungale. I'm a goddess and I lost my wing. I could not go back to heaven."

"Don't worry Mbu'i Bungale, I will help you. You can stay with me. By the way, my name is jilumoto."

Since then, Mbu'i Bungale and Jilumoto lived together. They fell in love and later they got married.

One day, Mbu'i Bungale received a package from heaven. It was a golden egg. The egg was so big. Mbu'i Bungale and Jilumoto were afraid that the egg was stolen. So they hid it carefully near the lake. It was the same lake that Mbu'i Bungale and her sisters taking a bath.

After they hid the egg, Mbu'i Bungale and Jilumoto went home. Later four men came to the lake. And while they were resting, one of the men accidentally found the egg. They were so surprised.

"Wow! This must be very expensive if we sell it."

"I agree, let's sell it tomorrow," said another man.

On the following day, Mbu'i Bungale and Jilumoto came back to the lake. They found the men kept the golden egg.

"The egg is ours," said Mbu'i Bungale.

"No, it belongs to us," said the men.

"Let's prove it. If you can make the lake grows bigger, the egg is yours. But if you can't the egg is ours," said Mbu'i Bungale.

"I accept your challenge," said the men.

They started to dig the sides of the lake. They had spent hours, but the progress was so small. They gave up.

"It's my turn " said Mbu'i Bungale.

With her power as a goddess, she could make the lake grew bigger easily. The lake was expanding. And that made the men speechless. They gave the egg to Mbu'i Bungale and Jilumoto.

When Mbu'i Bungale received the egg, surprisingly the egg hatched. Inside, they saw a cute baby girl. The couple were so happy. They named her Tolango Hula, which means the moon light.

When the family were about to go home, they saw some oranges floating in the lake. Jilumoto took the oranges.

Mbu'i Bungale and jilumoto recognized the oranges. It was the oranges from the heaven. When they looked around, they saw some orange trees in the sides of the lake. Then Mbu'i Bungale and Jilumoto named the lake as Bulalo lo limu o tutu which means the lake that was made from oranges in heaven. Stowly the name of lake then changed into Limboto Lake. ***

Orange tree

Limboto Lake

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