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The Origin of Surabaya 'Saved from Danger' version

Edisi Indonesia: Asal Usul Surabaya versi "selamat menghadapi bahaya"

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The Legend of Surabaya is well known of its story about the fighting of Sura, a shark and Baya. a
crocodile. They fought for their territories.

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But there is also another opinion of Surabaya. The word came from the different meaning of Sura and Baya. Sura means save, Baya means danger, so Surabaya means 'saved from danger'.

Danger means the attacked of Tar-tar soldiers to punish the King of Java. The punishment should be given to King Kertanegara. Unfortunately, Kertanegara had been killed, so the Tar-tar soldiers raided King Jayakatwang.

After the defeated of Jayakatwang people, Tar-Tar seized the property and dozens of beautiful girls to take to China.

Raden Wijaya could not bear this. With the great tactics, Raden Wijaya attacked the Tar-tar soldiers at the port of Ujung Galuh until they went back to China.

Furthermore, the day of the Raden Wijaya's victory celebrates as the anniversary of Surabaya city.

Surabaya seems to have been destined for continue to unstable. On 10th November 1945, to defend the identity of  Surabaya people, they had courage to attack English and Dutch.

In the current era, the struggle for water and land territories continues. At the time the rainy seasons, the city of Surabaya suffered flooding. In the dry seasons, sometimes pools became dry land. **

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