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The Legend of Jambi Kingdom

The Unyielding King: Testing Strength and Resilience

Legenda Kerajaan Jambi | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Jambi

Once upon a time, there were five villages, Tujuh Koto, Sembilan Koto, Petajin, Muaro Sebo, and Batin Duo Belas. The villagers of those five villages lived peacefully. They helped each other.

Soon, the number of villagers grew highly. The villagers thought that they needed a leader to guide them. They wanted to have a king. So, the leaders from the five villages had a meeting.

They wanted to set the criteria who could be their king.

"Our king should be physically strong," said the leader from Tujuh Koto.

"I agree. The king should be able to protect us from the enemies, "said one leader.

"Not only that. He should also be well respected by us. So, the king should be strong and have good manners," said the leader from Petajin.

"Then, let’s set the criteria. I have a suggestion. The king should be strong from fire. He cannot feel the pain if we burn him," said leader from Muaro Sebo.

"And he cannot feel the pain when we boil him in the hot water. If we mill him in winding machine, he will survive," said another leader.

"Alright then, now every village must send one representative. Choose the best man in your village. He must be the strongest and the most respected," said one leader.

Later, the best five men were gathered in the field. All the leaders had prepared fire, a hot water, and a winding machine. The first one to come was the villager of Tujuh Koto. First he had to walk through a ring of fire. He survived! Audiences were applauding. Next he had to be boiled inside a big water jug. The water was so hot but still he survived!

Finally, he had to do the last test. He had to enter the winding machine. The machine was made of steel. The man was a bit scared. He knew his bones could break. Then, he was lying on the surface. Right after his feet were milled, he screamed in pain. The machine was stopped. He failed.

Then another contestant came forward. Unfortunately he also failed in the last test. Then came another contestant but he also failed. All the best men from five villagers failed. The leaders of the five villagers then had a meeting.

"If we cannot find a king from our place, let s find from other area. They then sailed the sea. And every time they visited an island, they always looked for the best man. However, no one dared to take the tests."

Finally, they arrived in India. There was a strong man there. They met him and talked about the tests. The man was interested and they went back to their hometown.

When they arrived, the man immediately took the tests. He passed the first test. Then, he was boiled in the hot water and amazingly he survived.

And then the final test. When he was lying on the surface, everybody screamed. They were afraid the man’s bones would break just like other contestants bones.

But they were wrong. The man survived. He passed the test. All the villagers were happy. They finally had a strong king that could protect them. And they named their kingdom as Jambi. ***

Strength Beyond Physicality: Resilience and Perseverance

The moral of this story is that true strength is not just about physical power, but also about resilience and perseverance in facing trials or challenges. Courage, resilience, and perseverance in facing trials are qualities more valuable than physical strength alone. Additionally, the story also teaches the importance of not judging someone solely based on outward appearance or physical abilities.

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