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Sabai nan Aluih

Sabai nan Aluih | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from West Sumatra

A long time ago in Padang Tarok, West Sumatra, lived a family. The father's name was Rajo Babanding and the mother's name was Sadun Saribai. They had two children, one daughter and one son. Their daughter's name was Sabai nan Aluih and their son's name was Mangkutak Alam.

Those two children had different personalities. Mankutak Alam was lazy. He never helped her parents. He often played outside with friends. While Sabai nan Aluih was an obdient girl. She was also kind to other people. Everybody loved her. She was famous because she was beautiful.

The news about Sabai nan Aluih was finally heard by a rich merchant. His name was Rajo nan Panjang. Nobody liked him. He was rich but he never helped people. He was also cruel. He had three strong guards. they always protected Rajo nan Panjang.

Rajo nan Panjang wanted to marry Sabai nan Aluih. He sent his guards to meet Sabai's father, Rajo Babanding. The guards told him the proposal. However Rajo Babanding rejected it.

"I'm sorry. I don't want my daughter to marry a man who is as old as I am," said Rajo Babanding.

The guards went home. They told Rajo nan Panjang that the Proposal was rejected. He was angry. He felt that he was being humiliated. Again he sends his guards. This time he asked his guards to invite Rajo Babanding to meet him at Padang Panahunan. It was a place that people used for a fight.

Sabai nan Aluih knew about the marriage proposal. And she also knew that Rajo nan Panjang challanged her father to fight. Sabai nan Aluih tried to stop his father to go to Padang Panahunan. She had a bad dream last night.

"Don't worry my daughter. I'll be fine." said Rajo Babanding.

Then he went to Padang Panahuna. When he arrived, Rajo nan Panjang was already there. Rajo Babanding did not know that Rajo nan Panjang's guards were hiding. They would also attack Rajo Babanding. One of them brought a rifle. He would shoot Rajo Babanding if Rajo nan panjang lost hte fight.

"Rajo Babanding, you should accept my wedding proposal I'm very rich, you know!" said Rajo nan Panjang.

"I don't care!" said Rajo Babanding.

Later they fought. Both were very powerful. They fought bravely. However Rajo Babanding had better skills in martial arts. Soon Rajo nan Panjang lost the fight.

The guard knew he had to protect his master. Silently he aimed his rifle at Rajo Babanding. He shot the man! Rajo Babanding fell down. He died instantly.

Not long after that Sabai nan Aluih arrived in padang Panahunan. She was sad. She saw her father was on the ground. She cried. She knew her father was shot.

She was angry. "Why did you shoot him? My father did not bring any weapon."

"Ha ha ha... Your father tried to stop me from marrying you," said Rajo nan Panjang.

Sabai nan Aluih grabbed the rifle. With great courage she shot Rajo nan Panjang. He died instantly. Later all the villagers came to Padang pananhunan. They arrested Rajo nan Panjang guards. They also talked about Sabai nan Aluih's great courage. Until now people still talk about Sabai nan Aluih and they put her name in traditional song.***

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