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The Story of Sandubaya and Lala Seruni

Kisah Sandubaya dan Lala Seruni | Edisi Indonesia

Kisah Sandubaya dan Lala Seruni Folklore from West Nusa Tenggara

SANDUBAYA and Lala Seruni just got married. They were so happy. They loved each other and promised that they would always be together. People said that Sandubaya and Lala Seruni were great couple, Sandubaya was a handsome man and Lala Seruni was a beautiful woman.

Sandubaya and Lala Seruni were at a temple. They would pray to gods. Suddenly, the king and his soldiers arrived at the temple. The king was so amazed with the beauty of Lala Seruni. He asked his soldiers.

"Who is that beautiful girl?"

"Her name is Lala Seruni and the man next to her is Sandu.baya. They just got married."

The king was totally amazed with LaIa Seruni. He had never seen such a beautiful girl before. He went home to the palace and he kept on thinking about her. He asked his Commander how he could marry Lala Seruni. The Commander told him a bad plan.

"We ask Sandubaya to go hunting in the jungle, Your Majesty. Later we kill him. We tell Lala Seruni that her husband is killed by a wild animal."

"That's a great idea!" said the King." Let's go hunting now!"

Before they went to the jungle' they went to Sandubaya's house. They were surprised to see the King came to their home.

"I want to ask Sandubaya go hunting with us," said the King.

Sandu.baya was hopeless. He could not refuse the King's request. Lala Seruni tried to avoid her husband going to the jungle. She had a bad feeling.

"Please don't go," asked Lala Seruni,

"Don't worry I'll be very careful. I will go with my horse. If my horse goes back home alone without me, it means I'm in trouble," said Sandubaya.

Later Sandubaya joined the King and his soldiers. When they arrived, the soldiers attacked Sandubaya. Sandubaya fell down from his horse. The soldiers attacked Sandubaya cruelly. He could not fight them. He slowly died.

The horse saw his master died. He ran fast. Shortly, the horse arrived at Sandubaya's house. Lala Seruni was so sad to see the horse went home without her beloved husband.

Later the king and the soldiers arrived at Sandubaya's house. They brought Sandubaya's dead body. Lala Seruni cried. She was devastated. Her heart was broken into pieces to see her husband s body.

The king persuaded LaIa Seruni to stay in the palace. He said that it was not good for her to stay alone. He also said he would protect her. Lala Seruni did not have any other choice. She thought it was useless to say no to the king. After Lala Seruni stayed in the palace, the king asked her to marry him.

She knew there was something wrong. She also remembered her husbands last message. He was waiting for her at the beach. Lala Seruni had an idea.

"I will marry you, but please let me go to the beach first."

The King thought it was not a problem. He then accompanied her to go to the beach.

When they arrived, Lala Seruni saw a big lotus in the sea. She swam and.came closer to the flower. The flower was so big. Lala Seruni then got it on. She was sitting on the flower.

The King was surprised. He saw Lala Seruni was using the flower as a boat to escape. He tried to swim to catch her. Suddenly some fish came and bit the King. He was so powerless. The King lost much blood. He died in the sea.

How about LaIa Seruni? People said that she was sailing to meet her husband. They lived happily in another world. ***

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