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La Golo and His Friends

La Golo and Teman-temannya | Edisi Indonesia 

Folklore from Nusa Tenggara Barat

THERE was. a rich family. The parents had only one child and his name was La Golo. The parents really loved him. Whatever the child asked, the parents always said yes. Indeed, the parents really spoiled him.

La Golo grew as a spoiled boy. He was lazy and disobedient to his parents. He only loved to play and never wanted to help his parents.

The father was so upset to see La Golo's behavior. He was so disappointed with him. He wanted La Golo to leave the house! The father had a plan.

"I want to ask him to accompany me to go hunting in the jungle. Later I would leave him alone there said the father to himself.

La GoIo was happy when his father asked him to go hunting. He loved hunting. He brought his arrow. He was ready to catch some animals.

They arrived in the jungle. When La Golo was busy looking for the animals, his father slowly left him.

La Golo was lost! He was looking for his father.

"Father! Where are you? Father!"

No answer. La Golo suddenly realized that his father had planned this. He was so sad. He regretted his bad behavior.

La Golo kept on looking. Suddenly, he met a boy. His name was Sandari. They introduced themselves and together they were looking for the way to go home.

They met two other boys who were also lost. Their names were La Ngepe and La Bonggo. The four boys became friends. They all had one thing in common. They all were children who were left by their fathers in the jungle. The four of them were naughty and spoiled boys who were not wanted by their fathers!

They boys saw a deer. They were amazed with the deer's speed. The boys wanted to learn how to run like a deer. They asked the deer to teach them how to run. The deer agreed but they had to promise not to hunt and to behave well. The boys agreed.

Later the boys saw a monkey. They were impressed to see how the monkey climbed a tree. They asked the monkey to teach them how to climb trees. The monkey agreed and he also asked the boys not to hunt and to behave well. The boys agreed.

The boys already got the skills how to climb trees. Then they met a buffalo. They were impressed when the buffalo smashed his head. The buffalo was so powerful. They asked the buffalo the skill
how to smash heads.

The same as the deer and the monkey, the buffalo also asked the boys to do the same
things. They boys were not allowed to go hunting and to behave I well. The boys promised.

The four boys continued their journey. They arrived in one kingdom. The king held a competition. It was running and head-smashing competitions. The prize was gold!

"I want to join the competition. I want to use the prize as gifts to our parents, to show them that we are no longei spoiled children," said La Golo to his friends.

They liked La Golo's idea and they all supported him.

Running was the first competition. La Golo used the skills taught by the deer on how to run fast. He won! All La Golo's friends cheered him.

"Hooray! Hooray!"

The next competition was head-smashing competition. All the participants had'to smash their heads against the king's best soldier. One by one, the participants lost the match. It was La Golo's time. He used the buffalo's skill He won! La Golo received the gold. He shared the gold with his friends.

"It is time for us to go home. Give this gold to our parents. Tell them that we are sorry and we want to apologize," said La Golo.

The king helped the boys to find their homes. He asked his soldiers to accompany the boys to go home. ***

Nusa Tenggara


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