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Lona Kaka and Lona Rara

Lona Kaka dan Lona Rara | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Nusa Tenggara Timur

THERE was a poor farmer. He lived with his wife and his two daughters. The two daughters were beautiful. The oldest daughter's name was Lona Kaka and the youngest name was Lona Rara.

Though they were almost equally beautiful, two sisters had very different personalities. Lona Rara  was diligent, kind, helpful, and obedient to her parents. However, Lona Kaka was lazy, rude, and she never listened to her parents.

Lona Kaka was always jealous to her younger sister. Whenever she got something better, Lona Kaka was always trying to steal it from her.

Well, one day Lona Rara received some food from their neighbor. The neighbor gave the food to Lona Rara after she helped the neighbor. Lona Rara was so happy because the food was delicious.

Lona Kaka was jealous! She was trying to steal her sister's food. She was planning something bad. She had an idea!

"Lona Rara, please help me wash the clothes," said Lona Kaka.

"Sure, no problem," said Lona Rara happily.

Then they both went to the river to wash the clothes.

When they arrived at the river, Lona Kaka secretly stole Lona Rara's food. She had worse idea. She wanted Lona Rara to get lost in the jungle and never go back home!

After she stole the food, Lona Kaka gave some of the food to a dog.

Lona Kaka immediately screamed!

"Lona Rara! A dog stole your food! Let's chase the dog!" Then she pretended to chase the dog.

Lona Rara ran very fast. The dog was running towards the jungle.

Lona Kaka was running behind Lona Rara. When she saw Lona Rara entering the jungle, Lona Kaka stopped and went back home.

Lona Rara was lost in the jungle! She did not know where to go. Then she arrived in a small pond. She was so tired. She saw some big oranges. She was so thirsty. She called out the owner of the oranges.

"Hello... May l have one orange, please. I'm so thirsty and hungry."

There was no reply. Lona Rara then decided to take one. She took one orange that was not ripe yet. When she cut the orange, suddenly a man came out from
the orange.

The man was so handsome. Lona Rara was speechless.

She asked, "Who are you?"

"I live here in this jungle. You have already helped me to go out from the orange and now I will help you," said the man.

Lona Rara asked him to show her how to go home. When they arrived home, people were surprised. They heard from Lona Kaka that Lona Rara was lost in the jungle.

Lona Kaka was so jealous when she saw her younger sister coming back home with a handsome
man. When she heard that Lona Rara would get married with the man, Lona Kaka was so upset.

She asked Lona Rara how she met the man. Lona Rara told her about the big oranges in the jungle.

Lona Kaka immediately went to the jungle. When she saw the big oranges, she chose the riped one. She cut it! Suddenly, a man was standing in front of her, Sadly, the man was not young and handsome. Instead he was old and ugly. Lona Kaka was so shocked! She ran very fast! Unfortunately, the old and ugly man kept on following her.

Lona Kaka did not want to go home. She was so embarrassed. So she lived in the jungle with the ugly and old man. ***

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