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Folklore from Riau

THERE was a rich merchant. He was young and handsome. In his free time, the merchant loved travelling. He enjoyed going to new places and met new people.

One day, his friend told the merchant about a beautiful pond. Local people called it Kolam Loyang, which means pond of brass. They called it brass because the water was so fresh and just liked the color of brass.

The merchant arrived at Kolam Loyang. It was at night, however the merchant could see the surrounding quite well because it was full moon.

The merchant was tired. He wanted to rest and sleep under a big tree. But before he closed his eyes, he heard some girls laughing. He looked around but he did not see anyone.

When he looked at the,pond, he saw some girls were having fun at the pond. He was so curious.

"Who are they? They are so beautiful," thought the merchant.

The merchant kept on looking at the girls. Later, the girls took their scarfs that they put at the side of the pond. They wore their:carfs then flew away.

"Wow! They are angels! No wonder they are so beautiful!" screamed the merchant.

On the following night, the merchant waited for the girls. He wanted to steal one of angels' scarfs. Why? Well, apparently the merchant fell in love with the angels and wanted to marry one of them.

When the angels were in the water, slowly the merchant took one scarf. Then he hid behind a big tree.

After the angels were done, they looked for their scarfs. One angel could not find hers. She was completely nervous and frightened. Without her scarf, she could not,go back to the heaven.

Finally, the other angels had to leave her. When the angel was crying for her missing scarf, the merchant showed himself.

"Why are you crying?" asked the merchant.

1 lost my scarf" said the angel.

"If I can find it, will you marry me?" asked the merchant.

"I will, but you have to promise not to tell anyone that I'm an angel. Otherwise,I will leave you," said the angel.

The merchant agreed. He then gave the scarf to her. After that, they got married. They lived happily.

The merchant and the angel had some children. The sons were handsome and the daughters were beautiful.

People were so amazed. They always talked about the merchant's Children. That made the merchant very proud. He was so happy to hear how people were amazed with his children. People also talked how beautiful the merchant's wife was.

Sadly, the merchant forgot his promise. He told them that his wife was actually an angel. He also told people how he met her in Kolam Loyang.

People immediately went to Kolam Loyang. They waited for angels. Unfortunately, the angels never came. Well, after one angel lost her scarf at the pond, the other angels never returned to the pond.

Meanwhile, the merchant's wife was angry at her husband. She was so disappointed to hear her husband broke his promise. She took her scarf then left her family and flew to the heaven.

The merchant really regretted it. But it was too late. His wife would never come back..

In the meantime, more and more people came to Kolam Loyang. They still hoped the angels would come back. The pond became very popular. Its name slowly changed into Keloyang, from the words Kolam Loyang. Now people call it Kelayang. The place is in Indragiri Hulu, Riau.***

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