The Legend of Ripe Mangosteen Stone / The Fight of Two Friends

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Folklore from West Kalimantan

THERE were two friends, their names were Bujang Alai and Bujang Kuratauan. They had been friends since they were kids. They went to the same martial art school. Both of them were very skillful at martial art.

Bujang AIai and Bujang Kuratauan were adults. They were always together and got along very well.

Actuallly, both of them were always competing. Bujang Alai and Bujang Kuratauan always competed in everything and never wanted to lose. Each of them always wanted to be a winner.

Both men were falling in love with the same girl. They both tried to win the girl's heart. Bujang Alai and Buiang Kuratauan always tried to impress the girl. Unfortunately, their competition was getting worse. Both friends started to hate each other.

One day, the girl was missing. She had left the house for two days. The girl's family was looking every where but still they could not find her.

Bujang Kuratauan was also looking for the girl. well, he was also curious about Bujang Alai. He had not seen Bujang Alai for two days. He felt Bujang Alai was with the girl. Buiang Krratauan went to Bujang Alals house. He asked him.

"Where is she?" asked Buiang Kuratauan.

"Ha ha ha... I know you will come to look for her here in myhouse. Well, your feeling is right! She is here, in my house!" said Bujang Alai arrogantly.

Bujang Kuratauan was angry when he heard that Bujang Alai hid the girl

"Her family is looking for her! You have to brinng her back to her house!" yelled Bujang Kuratauan.

"What if I don't want to do it?" mocked Bujang Alai.

"I have to fight you!" yelled Bujang Kuratauan.

Bujang Alai was ready. He fought back and tried to attack Bujang Kuratauan.

They used all their skills and tried to be the winner. Well, both of them were equally skillful. They had been fighting for hours but there was no sign that one of them would lose.

However, it was getting dark and Bujang Alai started to feel very weak. Bujang Kuratauan made good use of the condition. He attacked Bujang Alai very hard.

The attack was so hard that made Bujang Alai lost his balance. He fell down and he finally died.

Bujang Alai's family was very sad to hear that Bujang Alai had died. The family wanted to revenge. They all wanted to kill Bujang Kuratauan.

Bujang Kuratauan heard that Bujang Alai's family was looking for him. Bujang Alai had a big family on the other hand Bujang Kuratauan had only small family. Buiang Kuratauan knew he could not fight Bujang Alai's family. They were too many of them.

Bujang Kuratauan set a strategy. He asked his family to leave the house at night. They were also asked to bring torches.

Bujang Alai's family arrived at Buiang Kuratauan's house at night. They saw some people brought some torches. They thought Bujang Kuratauan was there too. So they followed them.

When Bujang Kuratauan's family arrived at a waterfall, they put the torches near the waterfall. After that they all left.

Bujang Alals family thought Bujang Kuratauan and his family were hiding there. They immediately ran toward the waterfall. They did not know that the place was wet and slippery. They all fell down and bled. Their blood covered a big stone. The color of the stone changed. It was like the color of a ripe mangosteen.

Since then people named the stone as Batu Manggu (Manggis) Masak which means stone of ripe mangosteen. ***



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