Folklore from North Sumatra

Once upon a time in Padang Bolak, North Sumatra, lived a man named Sampuraga. He lived with his mother. His father had passed away when Sampuraga was a baby. Sampuraga and his mother lived in a hut. They were poor. Sampuraga worked in his neighbor’s rice field. When they had harvest, the neighbor gave some money to Sampuraga for his work.

Sampuraga worked in the morning and went home in the afternoon. One day while he was working, his neighbor told him about a place named Mandailing. It was a great place.

The land was fertile. There were many rich people there. Sampuraga listened to his neighbor carefully. He really wanted to go to Mandailing and became a rich man.

Later he told his mother about his plan. His mother was sad. She did not want to lose his only child. But Sampuraga promised that he would go home and brought her a lot of money.

Finally Sampuraga went to Mandailing. There, he worked for a very rich merchant. The merchant liked Sampuraga because he was diligent and honest. Soon, the merchant gave Sampuraga a lot of money. He wanted Sampuraga to have his own business.

Sampuraga was successful with his new business. He was very rich. The merchant knew that Sampuraga could be a great merchant like him. The merchant wanted to retire and gave his business to Sampuraga. He had a plan. He wanted Sampuraga to marry his daughter. Sampuraga agreed. After all, he fell in love with her. The merchant’s daughter was very beautiful.

Then the merchant set a great wedding party. He invited many people. He wanted to hold the best wedding party for his daughter. People started to talk about the party. They were talking about the great party and the merchant’s daughter. They said Sampuraga was very lucky. He was going to marry the most beautiful girl in Mandailing.

The news about Sampuraga’s wedding party finally arrived in his hometown, Padang Bolak. The people there almost did not believe that Sampuraga would marry the merchant’s daughter. They also did not believe that Sampuraha could become a rich man. However his mother believed that.

“I’m sure my son is a rich man now. He already promised me that he will be a rich man,” said Sampuraga’s mother.

With great happiness, she went to Mandailing. She wanted to attend his son’s wedding party. When she arrived at the party, Sampuraga’s mother immediately called his name.

“Sampuraga… Sampuraga…It’s me… I’m your mother.”

Sampuraga was surprised. His wife was also surprised.

“Who is she? Is she really your mother?” asked Sampuraga’s wife.

“No! My mother is dead. This ugly and old woman is not my mother. Go away!” Sampuraga yelled at his mother.

His mother was crying. She was very sad. She knew Sampuraga had already forgotten her. She cried and cried. She prayed to God to punish him.

Suddenly, rain fell down heavily. Thunder attacked the place. People ran away to save themselves.

Soon, the party changed into a big pond. The water was hot. Around the pond there was a big stone. It looked like a cow. There were also other ruins. People said that the stone and the ruins were from Sampuraga’s party. ***

Paddy/Rice Field

Kolam Sampuraga

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