Prince Suta and King Bayang

SULTAN Hasan Salehuddin Kemaramtsyah was the king of Indragiri Kingdom in Riau. The King was very wise. He was also very kind to his people. The people lived happily and peacefully. The King had a beautiful daughter. Her name was Princess Halimah. She was very famous. Many young men fell in love with her.

The peaceful life in Indragiri Kingdom was disturbed. A king from a neighboring kingdom came. His name was King Bayang. The King brought his soldiers. They stole and robbed people’s house. Sultan Hasan immediately sent his soldiers to fight King Bayang’s soldiers. Sadly, Sultan Hasan’s soldiers lost the fight. King Bayan came to the palace. He wanted to meet Sultan Hasan.

“Why did you do terrible things to our people?” asked Sultan Hasan.

“Ha ha ha… Sorry if I make you angry. Actually, I’m here because I heard you have a beautiful daughter. I want to marry her,” said King Bayang.

“Impossible. I’m sure my daughter doesn’t want to marry a bad king like you!”

“What?! You refused my proposal?! You will be sorry, Sultan Hasan!” King Bayang was very angry.

He left the palace and later came back with more soldiers. They attacked the palace. Sultan Hasan fought bravely. However he did not have many soldiers. They lost the fight. Sultan Hasan, his daughter, and some loyal soldiers escaped.

Finally they arrived in a small village. Sultan Hasan and his soldiers set a new strategy.

“Your Majesty, we need to get some help. With the soldiers we have right now, we cannot win our kingdom back,” said one soldier.

“Do you have any ideas? Who can help us?” asked Sultan Hasan.

“I heard there is a great prince. His name is Prince Suta. He is from eastern area. He is very kind. He already helped Jambi Kingdom from bad people.”

“Alright then… find Prince Suta. Tell him about King Bayang and also tell him that we need his help to win our kingdom back,” said Sultan Hasan.

The soldier immediately left. Luckily he found Prince Suta. The soldiers told him about Sultan Hasan’s messages.

“I’ve heard about King Bayang before. He is a bad king. He disturbed many people. Tell Sultan Hasan, I will help him. I will go to Indragiri now,” said Prince Suta.

When he arrived in Indragiri, he immediately went to the palace. He challenged King Bayang to fight.

“Ha ha ha…. Why do you want fight me, young man?” asked King Bayang.

“Because this is not your kingdom, you have to go back!”

“Alright, if I win I will stay. And if I lose, I will go back home.”

Prince Suta and King Bayang were fighting! Both of them were very powerful. Luckily, Prince Suta was younger. He had more power than King Bayang. Soon, King Bayang lost the fight. King Bayang and his soldiers left Indragiri Kingdom.

Later, Sultan Hasan and Princess Halimah went back home. The people were so happy. To express his gratitude, Sultan Hasan asked Prince Suta to marry his beautiful daughter. Prince Suta agreed. Prince Suta and Princess Halimah were very happy. Since then Indragiri Kingdom was always safe from bad people. ***

Pantai Solop (Solop Beach),
Indragiri Hilir

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