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Folklore from North Sumatra

Once upon a time, there were two kingdoms in North Sumatra, the Eastern Kingdom and the Western Kingdom. The Eastern King got married with the Western King's sister. Later, they had a baby girl. They named her Dayang Bandir. Seven years later, they had another child. They named him Sandean Raja.

When Sandean Raja was a kid, his father, the Eastern King died. The rule said that the king's son would be the next king. However, Sandean Raja was still a kid. He had to wait until he was adult to be the king. The elderly of the kingdom asked Uncle Kareang to be the king. Uncle Kareang was the Eastern King's younger brother.

The Eastern king had a magical sword. Uncle Kareang wanted to have the sword. Without the sword, he was only the temporary king. He was looking for the sword everywhere but he could not find it. he knew Dayang Bandir hid the sword. She wanted to give the sword to her brother, Sandean Raja, when he was adult. She wanted her brother to be the next king. Uncle Kareang was really angry. He asked the soldiers to take Dayang Bandir and Sandean Raja to the jungle.

Soldiers then tied Dayang Bandir on top of a big tree in the jungle. They would bring her down after Dayang Bandir told them where the sword was. But she never told them. Then the soldiers left Dayang Bandir and Sandean Raja alone in the jungle. Sandean Raja cried under the big tree. He could not climb the big tree. Everytime he tried to climb, he fell down. Days passed by. Dayang Bandir was getting weaker and weaker. She finally died.

Sandean Raja then left alone in the jungle. He was not really alone actually. Her sister spirit always accompanied him. They still could talk each other.

When Sandean Raja was adult, he decided to go to the Western Kingdom. The King, King Sorma, was his uncle. He wanted to talk about his bad experience.

King Sorma was surprised when he met Sandean Raja. He heard that sandean Raja and Dayang Bandir died in the jungle. He was not sure that Sandean Raja was really his nephew.

"If you are really my nephew, remove that big tree," said king Sorma.

Sandean Raja was a powerful man. He could remove that big tree easily.

"I have the last test. Go to that dark room. There are many girls there. Which one is my daughter?' said King Sorma.

"Don't worry, my brother, I will help you," said Dayang Bandir's spirit.

Sandean Raja then could find the King Sorma's daughter. The king then was sure that the young man was really his nephew. After that, Tandean Raja told told him about his sister and all his bad experience with Uncle Kareang. King Soma then asked his soldier to attack the Eastern Kingdom.

The Western Kingdom won the war. Sandean Raja then became the king of the kingdom. Later, her sister's spirit told him where the sword was.***


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