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Folklore from Bengkulu

Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful princess. Her name was Princess Cerlik Cerilang. Many men adored her. They had been dreaming that they could marry the beautiful princess. Sadly, their wish to marry the princess was difficult to come true. The princess was engaged to a prince from a neighboring kingdom. His name was Prince Sinatung Bakas. He was a cruel man. His father was the king of a big kingdom.

Princess Cerlik Cerilang did not love Prince Sinatung Bakas. However, she knew that if she did not marry him, her father, King Serik Seri Nato, would be in danger. That's why she reluctantly accepted the prince's proposal.

One of the young men who really loved the princess was Sinatung Natak. He was the youngest child of Batara Guru Tuo. He was respected for his wisdom and supernatural power.

People liked Sinatung Natak because he was helpful to others. Sadly, Sinatung Natak suffered a strange illness. There were red spots in his bodies. He had tried to find the cure, unfortunately none worked to cure his illness.

Sinatung Natak was in love with Princess Cerlik Cerilang. He told his father that he wanted to see the princess and then proposed her.

"You know that she is engaged to Prince Sinatung Bakas, right? How about your illness? You still have red spots all over your body," asked the father.

"I know that, Father. But my illness cannot stop my love for her."

The father knew he could not stop his youngest child to see the princess. When Sinatung Natak arrived at the palace, he told the guards that he wanted to see the princess. They allowed him. They all knew Sinatung Natak and his father.

The princess was in the palace garden. She was sitting on a big stone. She looked very sad. She was thinking of her marriage with the man whom she did not love.

Sinatung Natak came and tried to make a conversation. The princess was happy to see him. She also knew him. Later they had a nice conversation.

While they were talking, suddenly Prince Sinatung Bakas came! He was so angry to see the princess was talking to a man. Without thinking any further, he stabbed Sinatung Natak with his knife. Sinatung Natak died instantly.

The king heard the incident. He asked his soldiers to bury Sinatung Natak's body under the big stone.

Meanwhile, Batara Guru Tuo had a vision about Sinatung Natak's incident. With his supernatural power, he knew that his youngest child was killed. Then, he went to the palace with his older sons.

"Your Majesty, Prince Sinatung Bakas killed my son!" said Batara Guru Tuo.

"Do you have any proofs?" asked the king. He pretended not to know about the murder.

"I do, Your Majesty. His dead body was buried under the big stone."

The king was surprised. However, there was nothing he could do when Batara Guru Tuo asked the soldiers to remove the stone and dig the land. Later they found Sinatung Natak dead body! That made the king felt so ashamed,

"I'm responsible for this. What do you want me to do?" asked the king.

"I want you to pay fine for us. Give us money equal with the number of red spots in his dead body," asked Batara Guru Tuo.

The king agreed. Later they started to count the red spots in the body. There were so many red spots. Amazingly, when they finished counting, Sinatung Natak came back to life! Not only that, the red spots were also gone. Everybody was surprised.

Batara Guru Tuo said, "God helped Sinatung Natak."

Princess Cerlik Cerilang was also happy. Without the red spots, Sinatung Natak was actually a handsome man. Meanwhile Sinatung Bakas ran away, he was so scared that Sinatung Natak and his father would revenge.

After that, Princess Cerlik Cerilang and Sinatung Natak got married. They lived happily ever after.***

Upacara Tabot, Bengkulu


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