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The Turtle and the Eagle

The Deceptive Eagle

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Folklore from Central Java

A long time ago, all animals lived happily and peacefully. They were able to talk to one and another. They also helped each other.

Among the animals, the turtle and the eagle were best-friends. They were very close. The eagle often visited the turtle's nest. When the eagle came to his nest, the turtle always gave the eagle lots of food.

The eagle loved his friend's food. Consequently, he often visited the turtle's nest. Fortunately, the turtle did not mind at all. He loved to share his food.

Actually, the turtle also wanted to visit the eagle's nest.

"I think I'm not polite.. You often come to my nest but I never come to yours. When do you think I can visit yours?" asked the turtle.

The eagle responded, "My nest is on the top of the tree. It's so high... You cannot climb it."

Well, the turtle understood. Since then he never asked his friend about visiting his nest and that made the eagle very happy. Why? Well, the turtle did not know that the eagle was not a good friend. He came to the turtle's nest just to enjoy the food. Every time he finished eating the food, the eagle always said something bad about the turtle.

"Ha ha ha.. the turtle is so stupid. He always gives me delicious food! I hope he will never know that  come to his nest only for his food! Ha ha ha..." laughed the eagle.

The frog heard what the eagle said. He felt sorry to the turtle. He came to the turtle's nest and told him what he heard.

"Are you serious?" asked the turtle.

"Yes, I am! I heard him very clearly. He really said that he comes to your nest only for your food," said the frog.

The frog continued, "If you really want to know what he said about you, do my plan."

"What is your plan?" asked the turtle.

"Ask the eagle to bring basket. Tell him that you will give him lots of food. In the mean time, you are hiding inside the basket. Let him bring the basket to his nest," explained the frog.

Later the turtle asked the eagle to bring a basket. The eagle was so happy and he also thought how stupid the turtle was.

The eagle came to the turtle's nest. The turtle told the eagle that he needed time to prepare the food. He also said that the food would be ready on the following day.

On the following day, the eagle came to the turtle's nest. He did not see the turtle. However, he found his basket was full of food. He was so happy. With his claws, he brought the food.

The eagle did not know that the turtle was hiding inside the basket. The eagle was laughing and talking how stupid the turtle was.

The turtle was so sad about what he heard. He heard that his best-friend was making fun of him and saying he was very stupid.

The eagle arrived at his nest. When he enjoyed the food, suddenly the turtle showed up. The eagle was shocked!

"Now I know what kind of friend You are. From now on, I don't want to be your friend anymore!" said the turtle.

The turtle was so angry and since then every time he met the eagle, the turtle was always hiding inside his shell.

Beware of False Friendship

The moral of this story is that we should be wary of friends who only exploit us for their own personal gain. True friendship is not based on material interests or benefits alone, but on mutual respect, support, and understanding. Therefore, it is important to choose good and honest friends, and to avoid unhealthy or toxic relationships.

Did you know?

The Javan hawk-eagle (Nisaetus bartelsi) (earlier placed in Spizaetus) is a medium-sized, approximately 60 cm long, dark brown raptor in the family Accipitridae.

An Indonesian endemic, the Javan hawk-eagle occurs in humid tropical forests of Java. Its range in East Java includes Sempu Island, Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Meru Betiri National Park and Alas Purwo National Park. It can also be seen in captivity in zoos like Kebun Binatang Bandung.


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