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The Legend of Blue Pond

Legenda Telaga Biru >> Edisi Indonesia

Folklore From Maluku

“Hey look over there! Water is flowing!”

A man pointed out to a direction. He saw something strange. Water was fl owing out of the big stones. The water was flowing into a lower ground. Slowly, the ground was full of water.

The water was clear and it was bluish.

“Look! It is blue! I have never seen bluish water like this,” said another man.

And then, he tried to taste the water, “The water is so fresh. Come on, let’s drink the water.”

Those people were villagers in Lisawa, Halmahera. They never saw water coming out of the stones before. It was very strange for them.

“We have to report this to the head of the village,” suggested one man.

They all agreed. Soon, the head of the village arrived at the pond. He was also surprised. The water was clear and bluish. He also wanted to know how it happened. He then asked all the elderly of the village pray to the gods and goddess.

They all prayed and finally they got the answer. The water was flowing from a girl’s tears. She was crying so badly until the tears was flooding the ground.

“Who is she? We need to know who the girl is! Ask all the villagers including their children to gather here,” said the head of the village.

Later, all the villagers gathered in the pond. They all brought their children.

However there were two families who did not bring their children. Those two children were teenagers. The boy was Magohiduruu and the girl was Majojaru.

One woman told the villagers about them. The woman was Majoraru’s mother.

She told them that Magohiduruu and Majojaru were lovers. They planned to get married. A year ago, Magohiduruu left the village to fi nd a better life. He wanted to earn a lot of money before they got married.

A year passed by but Magohiduruu did not come back yet. She finally heard that Magohiduruu was dead. Majojaru was very sad. Everyday she was always sat down under a big tree. She spent her time crying. Majojaru was very sad. She did not believe that Magohiduruu had already died. She always cried. Her parents tried to comfort Majojaru, but she never listened to them. And one day Majojaru disappeared. She never returned to her home.

After they heard the story, all the villagers agreed to take care of the pond. And since the water was bluish, they named the pond as the Blue Pond.***

Water Drop

Galela Lake, North Maluku

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