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Folklore from South Sumatra

THERE was a king whose wife was a goddess from the heaven. The king had three children, two sons and one daughter. The son's names were Prince Kuning and Prince Alit. The daughter's name was Dayang Bulan.

Previously, the king's family lived in the heaven together with the queen's family. The queen's family really loved the queen's children. The queen's mother had taught Prince Kuning, Prince Alit, and Dayang Bulan lots of supernatural skills.

One day, a snake bit Dayang Bulan. She terribly suffered from the snake's poison. She could not hold the pain, not long after that she died.

Prince Kuning and Prince Alit could not believe that their beloved sister had died. They did not want to believe it. They talked to the king.

"Father, Dayang Bulan is not dead. I'm sure she is kidnapped by an evil man," said Prince Alit.

"No, Son. Dayang Bulan has died. You have to face it," said the King.

"But we are sure that she is still alive. Father, please let us find her," said Prince Kuning.

The king could not stop his sons' request. He finally let them find Dayang Bulan.

The two princes left the palace and started their journey. They met a man in the jungle. His name was Serincung Dabung. He looked tired.

"What are you doing here?" asked Prince Alit.

"I'm looking for my sister. Her name is Dayang Ayu. People said she was dead because a snake bit her. But I'm sure she was kidnapped by an evil man named Malim Putih. He is the son of King Negeri Salek Alam," explained Serincung Dabung.

"Are you sure?" asked Prince Kuning.

"Yes, I'm. I'm a fortuneteller. I know things that most people don't know."

"Can you help us? We're also looking for our sister. Her name is Dayang Bulan," asked Prince Alit.

Well, Serincung Dabung knew that Dayang Bulan was also kidnapped by Malim Putih's brother. His Malim Hitam. Unfortunately, Serincung Dabung did not know where the girls were kept. So, the three of them split and tried to find where the girls were hidden.

Prince Alit was walking. He was lost and arrived in a kingdom of genies. The king welcomed him nicety. He asked why Prince Alit was lost. He told the king that he was. looking for his sister.

Well, the king of genies knew where Dayang Bulan and Dayang Ayu were kept. He would help Prince AIit but he had to promise to marry the King's daughter.

The king introduced his daughter to Prince Alit. The princess was so beautiful. Prince Alit fell in love at the first sight.-He agreed to marry the princess.

Later the king of genies told him the palace belonged to Malim Hitam and Malim Putih. After that Prince Alit went ro the palace. With his skills he learned from his grandmother, he could easily beat the two evil princes, Malim Hitarn and Malim Putih.

Prince Alit immediately freed Dayang Bulan and Dayang Ayu. As promised, Prince Alit went back to the kingdom of genies to marry the princess. Prince Alit and his wife lived happily ever after. ***

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