The Story of Payol Village

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The Story of Payol Fish

Folklore from Central Sulawesi

DAESALA was a fisherman. He lived with his wife and his son. His wife's name was Daesurnandi
while his son's name was Daemaji.

One day, the family went to an isolated island. The island had lots of trees and they wanted to get some firewood.

The family was busy collecting the wood and they did not realize that their small boat was drifted by the waves.

When the family was finished collecting the wood, they looked for the boat. Their boat was gone! They were so panicky!

"Father, how can we go home?" asked Daemaji to his father.

The father was clueless. He did not have any ideas how to go back home without their boat. While they were thinking, suddenly they saw Payol fish. It was a fish that only found in their waters:

"Father, look! There is Payol fish over there!" Daemaji screamed loudiy.

The father in immediately called out. "Payol fish! Payol fish!" He was waving his hand, as if asking the fish to come closer.

Strangely, the fish seemed to understand what the father meant. The fish approached the family. The family was extremely happy.

The father said, "Payol fish, please help us. We want to go home but we lost our boat.

"Amazingly, the fish was able to talk like i humans. The fish answered,

"Just get on my back."

The family one by one was sitting on the fish's back. After that, the fish swam and left the island. They spent hours in the sea and strangely the fish did not swim towards the family's home. Daemaji was so scared.

"Father, where are we going? Why don't we go home?"

"I don't know, Son. Just wait and see where we are going," replied the father.

The mother was also trying to console Daemaji.

"Just be patient. I'm sure the fish will help us," said the mother.

They spent days on the sea and amazingly the family was never hungry and thirsty. Exactly on the seventh day, they saw an island. The fish slowly"approached the island.

"Please get off from my back " asked the fish. After the whole family was on the beach, the fish again said.

"This is Your new home, It is much better than your previous one. You can get anything here. But I want you to promise something. Please name this place after my name. It's Payol," said the fish.

After that, it swam back to the sea.

The family slowly looked around the island. The father looked so happy.

"I think the fish is right. This place'is much better than our old home. We have lots of trees and fruits," said the father.

"Yes, I agree," said the mother.

"We don't have to worry to find firewood and fruits," continued the mother.

The family slowly built their house. Not long after that, a ship came. Some people went to the island and talked to Daesala.

"This place is beautiful. What is the name?"

"It's Payol!" said Daesala proudly.

The people asked Daesala' permission if they could stay in the island. Daesala let them stay. Slowly, more and more people came. Finally it became a village. They named the village as Payol Village. ***

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