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ONCE upon a time, there were a husband and a wife. The husband's name was Sangkajang and the wife's name was Nyai Rangkas. It was not easy for them to get married. Nyai Rangkas was not a human. She was a goddess. She loved Sangkajang very much. She was willing to leave the heaven and lived on earth with her husband. The couple had been married for a long time and they did not have any children yet. Nyai Rangkas really wanted to have her own children. And in one night she had a dream. She was meditating on a big stone near the river. After she finished meditating, she would be pregnant.

Nyai Rangkas was sure that the dream was the guidance for her to have her own children. She told her husband about her dream and asked his permission to meditate. Her husband did not agree. It was not a safe place. There were lots of wild animals there. However Nyai Rangkas had already made up her mind. So when her husband was sleeping, she secretly left.

She went to the river to find the big stone. She found it! She immediately sat on it and began her meditation. Meanwhile, Sangkajang woke up in the morning and did not find his wife next to him. He was looking for her but he could not find her. Then he remembered about her wife's dream. He was sure that his wife was meditating on a big stone near the river.

He went to the river. Suddenly some wild wolves stopped him. The wolves were grinning, showing their sharp teeth just a minute the wolves attacked Sangkajang. He ran fast but sadly the wolves ran faster. They jumped and attacked him. Sangkajang died instantly.

In the meantime, Nyai Rangkas was meditating. Then she heard a voice telling her that she would be pregnant soon. She was asked to take care of the baby very well, because he would be a great man someday.

It was the voice of the God of Wind. Nyai Rangkas was very happy. She finished meditating and went home. However she could not find her husband. She was looking for him everywhere. She kept on calling her husband's name. Then she found some blood on the ground. She followed the blood trail and she was shocked! She found her husband lying on the ground. He was dead.

Nyai Rangkas was crying terribly. She felt so sorry. But it was too late. After she buried her husband's body, she continued walking. Nyai Rangkas was completely clueless. She did not know where to go. She was lost. Nyai Rangkas arrived at a cave. She wanted to stay inside the cave. And when she was inside the cave, she met an old woman. Nyai Rangkas asked her permission to stay in the cave.

The old woman gave her permission. She felt very sorry after she heard that Nyai Rangkas just lost her husband. Time passed by and Nyai Rangkas still lived in the cave with the old woman. And finally a baby boy was born. Nyai Rangkas was extremely happy. She named him Mandangin.

Mandangin grew as a good son. He loved his mother very much. He always helped her. And when he was adult, he told his mother that he wanted to wander. His mother knew he could not stop his son's wish. She remembered the God of Wind's voice when she meditated that her son would be a great man.

Mandangin arrived in a village. Some people tried to rob him. They were thieves! Mandangin fought them bravely! And, remember, Mandangin was not an ordinary man. His mother was a goddess. So he was a half human and a half god. He possessed the half power that gods had. And it was easy for him to beat those thieves.

The people were happy. They had been living in danger because those thieves always ruined their lives. The villagers asked Mandangin to stay. And because the villagers had no a leader they asked him to be their leader. Mandangin agreed. And later he just did not become the head of the village. He became a king!***

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